At Kambyses we are Specialists Experts in the Sale, Restoration (Repair) and Professional Cleaning of Oriental and Persian Carpets. With more than 35 years of experience, we offer an integral and personalised solution to all our valued clients.

In our two large establishments in Marbella we have a collection of more than 10,000 Oriental and Persian Carpets!

We offer:

  1. Ultimate Convenience: Our customised, personalised and integral care is all done on-site in our shop, with a team of sales people, decorators and expert restorers in Oriental and Persian Carpets.

  2. Maximum Trust & Confidence: The business ‘Kambyses’, still run by it’s original founder, has more than 35 years of experience, establishing it as an industry recognised expert, often asked to give opinions and appraisals to Insurance Companies and businesses. Every Oriental & Persian Carpets bought at Kambyses comes with a Certificate of Origin, Authenticity & Value.

  3. Maximum Variety: Kambyses has more than 10,000 Persian & Oriental Carpets of all sizes, classes and designs. All our carpets are Hand-made in countries including Iran, Turkey, China, Pakisan, India, Afghanistan, and more...

  4. The Best Prices: At Kambyses we can offer our clients the best prices because we buy directly from the weavers and manufacturers in the country of production, importing them directly to our establishment. This avoids the inflated costs that come with many sellers of carpets who buy from a middle-man.

  5. The Best Quality: We only import Oriental & Persian Carpets that are hand-made using only the best materieals, like wool and silk.

  6. Beautiful Designs: As home and hotel decorators with more than 35 years of experience, we are continually evolving to remain leaders in design and decoration, by offering the latest trends, designs and color options.

  7. Exchange Guarantee: All Oriental & Persian Carpets bought at Kambyses come with a guarantee that enables them to be changed for another carpet from our stores.*

  8. Money-back Guarantee: We are considered industry professional and recognised for our good business practices because we aim for customer satisfaction. However, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will gladly refund your money.**

  9. No Child Labor Products Sold: At Kambyses because of our allegiance to human rights law we only collaborate and buy from weavers and manufacturers that adhere to the guidelines of not hiring child labor for production or work purposes.

  10. Post-Sale Services: At Kambyses we are specialists and experts in integral solutions when in comes to Oriental & Persian Carpets, ranging from selling, buy, cleaning and restoring carpets. (Look at our section on Cleaning & Restoration).

Also on this page you will find a practical guide to learn about the quality, price, care and cleaning practices of all types of Oriental & Persian Carpets, including how to distinguish between an authentic Persian & Oriental Carpet, and one that is a false imitation.


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